Friday, April 15, 2011

A VINYL SHELF Special Presentation--DICK CLARK Countdown America 1984

COUNTDOWN AMERICA starring DICK CLARK October 1988 Top 30 Radio Broadcast LP Rod Stewart is the ‘spotlight’ artist on this short-lived countdown radio program hosted by Dick Clark with a cold. Rain, sleet or snot, Dick always comes through with three hours of the Top 30 hits from October 22/23, 1988.You’ll reminisce, be repulsed (Kenny G.!!!, Bolton plus Amy Grant, Rick Astley, Don Johnson and Barbra Streisand) and relive lots of gated drum beats and synth blips. But there are some quality artists as well like Luther, Aretha, Elton, Sting & Stevie (but no one's in their prime). And by the way, who the hell is PM? Also, how in the world was the "Love Theme" from St. Elmo's Fire a hit? Speaking of themes, Jan Hammer's here too with "Miami Vice" as Dick 'looks back' to the year 1985. Some nice interviews throughout with Rod of course having multiple talking segments and also spoken revelations from Boy Meets Girl, Al Stewart and James' brother, Livingston Taylor. There are also some cool commercials throughout (Dick Cavett, Juicy Fruit, Newhart, and is that Richard Marx singing the Sears commercial? After I thought it kind of sounded like his voice I googled him and it turns out his father was a jingle writer who wrote “Sears-Where America Shops,” “Two Scoops In Kellogg’s Raisin Bran,” and even the Siskel & Ebert theme! Richard's Dad goes by the unfortunate name of Dick Marx...but anyway, it could be him) with jingles that still ring familiar after not hearing them for years. And you all know I'm now on the hunt for the "Moments" LP collection. Anyone who likes to listen to classic radio shows will love it and anyone who doesn’t like the 80’s won’t like it at all. So there. Part One Part Two Part Three
Bigger than Rod--a portrait of our spotlight artist then & now


  1. it wasn't that short lived....

    The original host was John Leader, but when Dick bought the RKO Radio Networks and changed everything to United Stations, he took over as host, which went until 1994 with the show being distributed by Westwood One. Dick has had some sort of countdown on the air since 1981, up to his stroke. Shows with John Leader are harder to find then anything with Dick.

  2. I have a couple of the John Leader Countdown Americas on vinyl: December 8, 1984; and the first half of the Top 84 of 1984. It struck me as a more no-nonsense, just the facts countdown. I didn't know they were so rare.

    I also have two Dick Clark National Music Surveys from 1982 and 1983.