Friday, April 29, 2011


SQUEEZE in 1981 Top Row L to R CHRIS DIFFORD, GILSON LAVIS, GLENN TILBROOK Seated L to R PAUL CARRACK, JOHN BENTLEY British author Sylvie Simmons introduces this BBC ROCK HOUR radio show brought to you by Penthouse Magazine and featuring SQUEEZE at their peak at Oxford Polytechnic in the UK on May 15, 1981. Re-broadcast in 1983, this LP has excellent sound quality and catches the band live on the same day of release as their masterpiece album, “East Side Story.” New keyboardist Paul Carrack replaces Jools Holland and also takes the lead vocal on “Out Of Touch” (written by Difford & Tilbrook) which wouldn’t be released until the “Sweets From A Stranger” album over a year later, by which time he had left the band. Glenn Tilbrook sings it on the Squeeze album version, however Carrack also did a version on his 1982 solo album, “Suburban Voodoo.” The set list casts a heavy spotlight on 1980’s “Argybargy” album which is a good thing because it’s also an excellent Squeeze platter. It’s great to hear songs like “Heaven” performed by the same guys as the album version. Chris Difford’s vocals are unique and cut like a razor blade. The rarity rocker “Yap Yap Yap” is here also. It ended up on the b-side of “Tempted,” which is strangely absent. Many of the big hits are also heard (“Pulling Mussels,” “Cool For Cats,” “Goodbye Girl,” “Up The Junction”) full of aggression and energy from a young fiery rock band anxious to be heard. Gilson Lavis has always been one of the best drummers in music. He is sorely missed from today’s Squeeze lineup.

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