Friday, April 1, 2011

WASP--The Greatest Album Of All-Time?

Pet Sounds? Pepper? Key Of Life? No way, gimme WASP. There have been many "break the image" albums made over the years. "Elevator" comes to mind. Maybe The Monkees "Head" movie is the best example. But in 1980, the new decade found our Shaun trying to prove that dammit, he WAS a real musician and not just sub-partridge Keith. How could he finally express once and for all that he's more than just Shirley's son or Parker's TV brother? Well, WHO is the king of credibility that may be able to save a falling teen idol? Todd Rundgren, a wizard and true savior, that's who. We'll get Utopia to play the backing tracks so they can bring fresh new life to oldies by The Animals and Four Tops. But Shaun is cutting edge and digs the latest sounds too so he covers Talking Heads, Bowie, The Who, Ian Hunter and Todd even writes a few new ones for him ("Cool Fire" has the classic Utopia sound and "Pretending" has some parts later reused by Todd). Dare I say that this is Shaun's "Pinups" or "Run Devil Run" or maybe his "Imperial Bedroom" and MOJO Magazine needs to do a full reassessment of this masterpiece that for some reason has never been released on compact disc? April Fool's, suckers...


  1. LOLOL Is it sad I already have a copy of this? I'm not saying it's good...or bad, but I didn't have to download it here.