Saturday, May 28, 2011


Radio was Stan Freberg's first love but by 1966 it was all about television and the chance to produce a comedy radio program was fading away like the stations that were once broadcasting nightly in everyone's living room. Freberg's idea was to continue the radio program via long playing records (hence "pay radio"...little did he know...) but sadly, this was the only LP he released featuring the concept.

I've always loved Stan Freberg's records. They're funny, imaginative and always well produced. This LP is no exception and should be reissued. He's a master satirist and his comedy makes you think and then crack up. Long live Freberg!

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  1. Thanks - I am looking forward to listening to this! I have an old 45 of his version of Banana Boat Song (Day-O) which I love and is making me crack up now just thinking about it.