Wednesday, May 18, 2011

GLEAMING SPIRES Posh Boy LP 1981 my high school years, some friends and I had a music fanzine. I was already a big fan of Sparks, and the Mael's backing band at the time was a Los Angeles combo called GLEAMING SPIRES featuring Leslie Bohem and David Kendrick and later, guitarist Bob Haag and keyboardist Jim Goodwin were also members of the expanded Spires lineup. These days, singer/bassist Les Bohem is a successful screenwriter (Dante's Peak, Twenty Bucks). I bought their albums and reviewed them in the fanzine. The back cover said "Write to a Spire" with an L.A. address, so I did and asked if I could get an exclusive interview. David Kendrick sent a postcard back telling me to send my questions and he'd do the interview only if I sent him a finished copy of the fanzine. David's a great drummer and I remember one of my questions was why they used a drum machine on the first album and he said it was to keep studio costs down. Because of that drum machine, this album has a real interesting sound that keeps it fresh and ahead of its time. I'm still writing about this damn band.

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