Thursday, May 12, 2011

THE ROLLERS Burning Rubber Soundtrack By Request!

How amazing is it that in 1981 in the U.S., the Bay City Rollers career was basically non-existent. It was almost like it didn't happen. Just a few years after mass hysteria and an NBC TV show, you couldn't find ANYTHING about them in rock magazines or even the teen rags that worshipped them a few years before. I had NO IDEA that the Rollers made a movie in 1981 and it was elusive for years. Maybe that's a good thing. Two versions of this film exist, one in English and one dubbed in German. Roller founder Alan Longmuir is the star of this racing car movie, playing the nerd who not only ends up getting the girl but he wins the race as well. Derek, Woody and new Roller vocalist Duncan Faure are in a few scenes as Alan's friends and they also perform during the party sequence. Eric Faulkner is the only Roller who's absent but he submits songs to the soundtrack. But this is no 'Hard Day's Night' or even 'Glitter' for that matter. The movie is slow, boring and poorly acted. It only takes the opening scene of Alan eating a bowl of cereal for anyone to know that this is no cinematic classic.I remember reading a small update on the Rollers in 16 Magazine in 1981 ('Remember Them?') that said they were set to release a new LP called "Ricochet" on CBS Records. The album never came out in the U.S. and I never heard another peep about it until a few years later when I tracked down a Japanese import (and the album before that, an Arista contractual obligation album called "Voxx" was only released in Japan and Germany and was IMPOSSIBLE to find for years). The sad truth is, the band was at their musical peak but no one would take them seriously. A few songs featured in the 'Burning Rubber' movie were re-recorded for the "Ricochet" album and it's interesting to hear the differences. Never released on vinyl or CD, only a very limited fan club cassette that I've had a dub of for years. I didn't try to clean up the tape hiss or anything, I just did a straight transfer. BCR still rule!


  1. Thanks very much for this one!!! Great to finally hear this one. There are a couple good ones on here.

    I don't have anything rare of my own to share, but here are a few other things I have come across which you may be interested in:

    Copies of the old Krofft Superstar Hour Saturday morning show with the Rollers:

    A nice 2008 documentary on BCR from the BBC:

    Now I just need to track down copy of Breakout '85 (although heard it was not very good!). Also would be interested in hearing "Great Lost Rollers Album" and FM German broadcast from '93 as mentioned by another commentor in the Pat McGlynn post...

  2. Phil, Breakout '85 is free on Les' site. You have to sign up first, then you can download it in the Music section.

    Jim, fantastic BCR posts! I've looked for Burning Rubber forever! Thanks very much for sharing!

  3. PLease re-up this ive wanted this for years and Megaupload has closed down

  4. Jim You're the man read your profile and you have great taste in music. I would be eternally Grateful if you could re-upload the Burning Rubber Soundtrack as it has been something ive been after for years,

    Steven Holt

  5. I was SO hoping this wasn't a MU link! I love this blog... it's so awesome to find someone else who thinks the Rollers actually produced music worth listening to! I'm just replenishing my iTunes and was looking to redownload Burning Rubber. If you could reupload this, I would be really, really grateful.

    Again, awesome blog!

  6. Hey, I've been looking for a studio version of "Borden Town" and I believe it's only on this sound track .. Anyway to get it back up?

  7. Could you please re-up this? Thanks, Rich

  8. I've only just come across this post, a few years late! Could you re up this please, i'd love to have it to finish my Rollers collection.