Friday, May 13, 2011

A Vinyl Shelf Special 80's Presentation ROCK OVER LONDON Program #130

I stared at this magazine cover for hours. Many great British singles were released in the 80's. The bands had the right MUSICAL influences as well as the look. Do you remember the name GRAHAM DENE? He was the host of ROCK OVER LONDON, a syndicated program that hip FM stations would broadcast featuring the latest sounds from across the ocean. I used to tune in every Sunday night when I was a kid just trying to find some reason to forget that I had to go to school the next day. I'm not saying I love Spandau Ballet for anything more than what they are or that I think Limahl is an underrated genius, but sometimes when I got tired of metal guys dancing around in spandex and leather I'd tune in to the new wave guys dancing around in spandex and leather. Hey man, I read Circus AND Smash Hits.

This LP radio show is dated July 22, 1984 and most likely I heard it back in the day in my bedroom. BOX OF FROGS drummer Jim McCarty (Yardbirds) is interviewed and are spotlighted with a song called "Harder" that sounds a lot like THE STONES. Speaking of, "It's All Over Now" is this week's oldie and JEFF LYNNE's "Video" solo single is debuted. There's hits from ULTRAVOX, NIK KERSHAW, ALISON MOYET and the NAUGHTY BITS gossip department is also here. Take a guess who's at both #1 AND #2 on the Top 5 that week? There's also great commercials from MAXELL TAPE (Jerry Lee version) and the U.S. Army ("Be All That You Can Be"--GREAT JINGLE!).


  1. I hear you about Spandau Ballet but truth be told, I fucking love "True". To this day if I hear it, I listen to it, loud if possible. IMHO it's a great single. I guess I'm just a "New Romantic". BTW I'll deny any knowledge of this comment if asked.

  2. I've been searching left and right all day for some Rock Over London fragments. And incidentally, @Bob, my go to karaoke song is Spandau Ballet's True. Got to be one of my favorites from back in the day.