Wednesday, June 22, 2011

MONKEEMANIA 40 Timeless Hits ARISTA 2 LP 1979

I saved my allowance to get this giant double IMPORT LP featuring 40+ hits by the Monkees when it hit the Delaware record shops sometime in the early 80's (released in 1979). An official Australia release on Arista Records at a time when NOBODY was showing the TV show reruns (and still pre-VCR) and 90 percent of the Monkees music was UNAVAILABLE. All you could get in the U.S. was Arista's "Greatest Hits" album with a measly 11 songs. Glenn A. Baker put this comp together. Along with the hits and key album tracks he included various rarities and alternate versions as a treat to true Monkee fans. Each side was crammed with at least 10 songs plus surprises like interview quotes and previously unheard rarities. The sound quality ranged from very good to phase-y cassette dub sound but overall it's an enjoyable audio history of TV's fab four with lots of photos and a large discography including solo releases.This is my original double LP that I transferred to a DAT tape in the early digital recording days. I dug it out and it's a little noisy but still sounds pretty good. Over 2 hours of Micky, Davy, Peter and Mike.


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  2. Would it be possible to re-post Monkeemania vinyl?? Thanks

  3. any chance of a re-share of the "MONKEEMANIA" vinyl?!? please?