Friday, June 24, 2011

A VINYL SHELF Special Presentation--FOREIGNER Super Groups In Concert 1979

From 1979, this rare radio transcription 2LP set features prime Foreigner, in their original incarnation, recorded live in concert during their "Double Vision" tour (at the end Lou yells "Philadelphia" so maybe it's a Spectrum show?). A true SUPER GROUP, listen to Lou Gramm's awesome vocals and Mick Jones' ripping guitar on favorites like "Hot Blooded," "Long, Long Way From Home," "Blue Morning, Blue Day" and the closer "Headknocker." There are also some rarely heard gems like "I Need You" and "The Damage Is Done" that really kill in their live versions. But listener BEWARE: some of the tracks being passed off as "live" are just the album versions with added audience tracks ("Love Has Taken It's Toll," "Tramontane," "Lonely Children" and "Back Where You Belong"). There are some interview segments too with Mick and Lou and even a few quick quotes from Al Greenwood. And check out the credits, this live show was mixed by original Foreigner keyboardist and ex-King Crimson member Ian McDonald giving it a little extra legitimacy. SET LIST: LONG, LONG WAY FROM HOME I NEED YOU BLUE MORNING, BLUE DAY LOVE HAS TAKEN IT'S TOLL (LP version, NOT live) WOMAN OH WOMAN COLD AS ICE BACK WHERE YOU BELONG (LP version, NOT live) THE DAMAGE IS DONE Interview AT WAR WITH THE WORLD STARRIDER Interview COLD AS ICE SPELLBINDER LONELY CHILDREN (LP version, NOT live) FEELS LIKE THE FIRST TIME Interview TRAMONTANE (LP version, NOT live) HOT BLOODED HEADKNOCKER Disc 1 Disc 2 thanks to Ronnie for lending me this rare Foreigner vinyl.

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