Thursday, July 28, 2011

RECORD STORES & VINYL SCORES The Pipe on the road 'Record Store Diary'

A new feature in which THE PIPE hits the record shops and you're there with him. Only the good shops will be spotlighted. Back on the road again and on the hunt for VINYL. Brian Blade told me about SOM RECORDS in D.C. and it ended up being right around the corner from the hotel. On the way there I saw the legend, Dick Gregory, walking down the street. SOM's entrance is downstairs from the street and not unlike Laverne and Shirley's apartment. It's cramped and the bins are packed but I scored a few choice pieces like WHERE THE BUFFALO ROAM Soundtrack and a nice STONES interview rarity. Definitely worth a look.

The familiar red awning of GENERATION RECORDS in the Village on Thompson St. is a sight for sore eyes and always has a ton of quality vinyl downstairs and don't forget to check the rows of new arrivals.
GOOD RECORDS on 5th Street in NYC was probably my favorite shop that I hit on this tour. What looked like an average DJ/funk/soul shop turned into a goldmine for this rocker. Lots of high quality rock vinyl was just being put in the bins as the store turntable cranked some classic Isleys. Perfect shopping music. I scored some clean goodies like the CRAZY HORSE album, INTRODUCING SPARKS with a sticker on the shrinkwrap, LOU REED's "Rock & Roll Animal" and for a measly $40 I got a crisp, clean original stereo FREAK OUT! by The Mothers.
Highly recommended for vinyl shoppers who don't want to pay typical New York prices.

DAVE'S RECORDS in Chicago (2604 North Clark St.) is a long-standing vinyl only store that is always worth stopping in for a look. I picked up the new deluxe PAUL McCARTNEY vinyls ("McCartney" and "McCartney II") and had a nice conversation with 'Dave' or someone like him at the counter.

I love the sign on the door that says "NO CDs" and it's true. I also get sentimental when I walk by the former Tower Records location further down the street.

It was my second trip to Peoples Records in Detroit in less than a year and both times I scored some goodies and was treated with kindness by the staff without even trying to be treated at all. There was a original gatefold copy of "Buckingham Nicks" laying in a stack on the floor and it looked clean. No price sticker though. I asked the guy behind the counter how much he would want for this and he gave it the once over twice and said "I don't know, twelve bucks?" Sold. He then looked it up on eBay and said one had recently sold for $100. The LP was gripped firmly in my hands. I wasn't about to let him change his mind about the price. He looked me in the eye and said, "If I see that you sell this on eBay, I'll be heartbroken." I tried to reassure him, "No it's for me!"

A few minutes later, a couple came in to try and sell some beat up soul 45's including a few by the Temptations. The guy explained that he couldn't use any of them much to the disappointment of the couple who thought for sure they were sitting on a goldmine of vinyl. "I've got boxes of Temptations 45's back there" and "Have you ever heard of The Telltones on the Wanda label? Me neither, but that's the kind of stuff people are looking for, the more obscure 45's." The couple sighed and then the record store guy opened the cash register and gave them 2 bucks and thanked them for their time and trouble for coming to the store. Nice guy!

Now I'm not saying to take your junk down there and the guy will feel sorry for you and pay you off, but I will say they have a ton of 45's in white boxes that could take up a whole afternoon and also that the 'New Arrivals' section of LPs is a great place to start in the store. I was there with Brian and Trixie who also bought some choice titles and the employees also hipped us out to The Lollipop Shoppe. Before we left, the guy put "Ebony Eyes" by Bob Welch on the turntable and I'm not sure if he was testing my Fleetwood Mac knowledge once and for all to see if I was just in for a quick Stevie/Lindsey eBay cash-in but once again I proved my worthiness by having a Welch conversation.

Additionally, I found a cool CBS pressing of "Some Girls" mint in shrinkwrap. How many copies of "Some Girls" do I need?? I believe my other 'most bought' albums would be "Headquarters," "More Of The Monkees," "The Monkees," "Paul Revere And The Raiders Greatest Hits" and "Difford & Tilbrook."

Peoples are planning on moving next to the Magic Stick sometime in the near future and I say LONG LIVE PEOPLES AND DETROIT.

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  1. man... we used to know about some nice record about Venus in Greenich Village, I like it Like That in Newark? The Philly Record Exchange on South...and Of course Jeremiahs in Big Wilmington. Whos Next records somewhere in PA...was that near Al Bien's in West Chester? I know there were more, plenty more.