Friday, July 8, 2011

A VINYL SHELF Special Presentation--THE CARS Innerview

The Cars are back! Their new album "Move Like This" sees the return of Ric Ocasek at the wheel, driving the classic sound and lineup once again (although Ben is missed and Elliot's guitar has taken a back seat).

Here's a really cool radio transcription LP from 1980 called "Innerview" which features a conversation with Ric about his group, almost getting killed on his way to the interview and why your pet catepillars are not safe around him.
P.S. Label says 1976, but that's just the copyright date for "Innerview" itself. Great commercials throughout!

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  1. Thanks for these Jim Ladd Innerview discs. I have been a longtime fan of his on the east coast since these days of the 70's.