Monday, September 26, 2011

HUMAN LEAGUE-Dare or Dare!

HUMAN LEAGUE-Dare or Dare!
Just a few days ago as of this writing, R.E.M. called it quits. You may be surprised to find that I absolutely LOVE R.E.M. and remain loyal to the brilliant musical quartet from Georgia who have supplied me with HOURS of great songs and I know every lick by heart. You'd be probably just as surprised to find that at the same time I was discovering R.E.M. (I saw them open for The Police on the "Murmur" tour and was immediately obssessed), I was an avid follower of Sheffield's The Human League and their synthesized pop soul music.
The Mk2 version of Human League is my favorite. Electronic and well-crafted pop songs with the voice of Philip Oakey and not a guitar in sight. Both "Dare" and "Hysteria" are classics to me. That makes two great albums by Sheffield, England bands named "Hysteria."
I recently found a super clean and inexpensive Canada pressing of 1982's "Dare" with different cover graphics (see photo) and an energetic exclamation point added to the LP's title!
I recorded the clean Canadian vinyl and followed it up with this 1982 remix album featuring songs from "Dare" completely transformed and dubbed out by producer Martin Rushent.

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