Friday, September 30, 2011

RINGO STARR March 1982 Robert W. Morgan Interview LP

Drumming is his madness. He was Ringo because of his rings, and the Starr was obvious. The Beatles were a band from Liverpool, England who were wonderfully fab and could even be gear, if you dig nice trousers and smart melodies. They scored big hits like "Yellow Submarine" and "Octopus' Garden" and still maintained their street cred with songs like "What Goes On" and their beloved cover of "Matchbox." After they faltered a little in the summer of love, releasing psychedelic tinged albums influenced by The Rolling Stones and Andy Warhol, they released their double album masterpiece, "The White Album" in which they successfully (and astonishingly) eliminated any R&B influence they had. Their final LP, "Let It Be" was mostly unfinished.

But seriously folks, which is very rare, Ringo Starr may be the coolest rock star of all time. Everyone likes him (come on, yes you do) and he's never had a totally LAME period (well, he did shave his head bald once, but fortunately, a shortlived Brady perm never made any of the album covers) and he remains active.

Don't forget that he also spent lots of time with Harry Nilsson, and you know that can't be bad.

The other surviving Beatle, Paul McCartney, lives a quiet life in England. He spends his time getting married and writing ballets.

This is a Robert W. Morgan 1982 radio special spotlighting Ringo's "Stop And Smell The Roses" album on Neil Bogart's Boardwalk label.


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