Friday, October 28, 2011

The VINYL SHELF All-New Episode--THE PIPE spins MORE of his favorite records

TUNE IN to an all-new dig thru my record collection resulting in deep sounds from LUTHER DICKINSON, with both the North Mississippi Allstars and THE BLACK CROWES (who cover Little Feat's "Willin'" from a limited 7" Record Store Day single).

Also, the late, great R.E.M. cover an Aerosmith classic (and very well, thank you) and Serge Gainsbourg goes to Jamaica and makes the best French reggae ever.
There's a radio transcription disc from 1974 featuring Robert W. Morgan spinning the top hits of the day and a rare radio interview with Chuck Leavell about leaving The Allman Brothers. YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS IT!

PLUS, DEEP PURPLE, Harry Georgeson & Hari Nilisson, Lanois & Eno, Hoodoos, deep Who cut and MUCH MORE all from VINYL!!


Thursday, October 27, 2011

BOB SEGER Back In '72

I bought this on the road for some DOUGH but I've been lusting a copy of this great lost LP for a long time and wasn't happy with my high class "cleaned up" download from a few years ago. I appreciate people recording their vinyl and trying to de-click etc. but I hate when the result sounds compromised, blurry and phase-y, which is why I try to stick with STRAIGHT transfers. You know The Pipe don't mind a little surface noise.

Seger doesn't want this album on CD. Released on Palladium/Reprise in 1973, it may not be one of Bob's five star best, but just for the fact that this album contains the ORIGINAL versions of both "Rosalie" (as Phil said, "It's a number recorded by Bob Seger...") and "Turn The Page" (think about it-when have you EVER heard the STUDIO version?) is plenty of reason that this should be on the market.The album starts with a strange and re-arranged version of the Allmans' "Midnight Rider" complete with a questionable vocal note at the end covered up by a quick thinking scat. I haven't heard the version on the recent "Early Seger Vol. 1" but I understand it's remixed and fades before the weak spot. "So I Wrote You A Song" reminds me of something from the "Brand New Morning" album. Another cover follows as Seger tackles Free's "The Stealer" and gives it the Detroit treatment. On this one, Bob's voice shines.

Seger's always looking back and funnily enough in early 1973 he was already looking back to the previous year. "Back In '72" is a Stones-ish rocker that should be on the radio, not out of print for no one to hear. "Neon Sky" is based on an electric piano riff and it stands out as a highlight of the album too. "I've Been Working" is a funky Van Morrison cover and "I've Got Time" is a folky ballad with flute.

Produced by Seger and longtime manager Punch, the sessions were done in Michigan, Oklahoma and Muscle Shoals in Alabama. Don't be embarrassed by this album Bob, we love it!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

STARDUST 1975 Arista Soundtrack 2LP

This 1975 soundtrack for "STARDUST" is an Arista 2LP collection that could easily be one of the ultimate oldies compilations ever released. UK superstar David Essex starred in this UK film about a fictional singer, Jim Maclaine, and his musical rise and fall.

The soundtrack is made up of 40 songs. There are 3 sides of classic oldies, mostly in their original versions. A big mix of sounds from The Beach Boys, Bobby Darin, The Chiffons, Bee Gees, The Monkees, Aretha Franklin, Righteous Brothers, Carole King, The Box Tops and many more. A GREATEST HITS OF GREATEST HITS!

Arista's publishing bill must've been huge! 40 songs with lots of different label and publishers involved. The front cover is made to resemble Rolling Stone magazine, totally different artwork than the UK soundtrack LP.

Dave Edmunds appears in the movie and was also heavily involved with the soundtrack. He supplies a few near perfect remakes ("Da Doo Ron Ron" with Nick Lowe and Brinsley Schwarz and also a couple Everly Brothers cover versions) and on side 4 Edmunds produces 'oldies sounding' tracks with and without David Essex as THE STRAY CATS (ironically, Dave would produce a different group of Stray Cats, with Brian Setzer, just a few years later).

The movie, starring Essex, Adam Faith, Keith Moon and Larry Hagman, is now available on DVD as an import as a double feature with another Essex film "That'll Be The Day" which also has an interesting 2LP soundtrack that I will post if this one gets a good response.

If only your local oldies radio station played a mix of tunes like this album. An inspiring listening experience of pop music perfection with some exclusive Edmunds rockers.



Monday, October 24, 2011


Thanks KEITH for pointing out some digital glitches (WATCH OUT FOR THE DIGITAL GLITCH) on the John Lennon birthday mix episode of THE VINYL SHELF from a few weeks back. Here's an upgrade for anyone who cares and a fresh link for those that didn't get to check it out in the first place!

Friday, October 21, 2011

THE VINYL SHELF Supersonic Episode

The Pipe is your host and he wants you to lay around the shanty, put a good buzz on and crank up THE VINYL SHELF!

Our 4th Season continues with a big mix of rockers and F.M. hits from E.L.O., FOREIGNER, RUSH and FOO FIGHTERS to funky grooves from SLY STONE, CHRIS WHITLEY and FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE.

Listen for an ultra rare 1978 KISS interview from "Rock Around The World" where Paul Stanley talks about when he first met Gene plus a seldom heard ERIC BURDON cover of AC/DC's "Ride On" make this a must hear episode.We open the show with ALAN BOWN's classic "SUPERSONIC" which was used for the UK TV show of the same name. TURN IT UP!

Friday, October 14, 2011


THE SHELF returns for a FANTASTIC FOURTH SEASON with an 80 minute blitz of hits hosted by yours, The Pipe. So many records, so little time. So let's get started!

DOWNLOAD "THE VINYL SHELF" NOW to hear young Steve Marriott with his band, The Moments, do their obscure rendition of "You Really Got Me" and lots of cool Beatles vinyl leftover from the John Lennon special this past weekend.

ALSO, a newly discovered SLADE radio show LP with INTERVIEW!

ULTRA RARE 'Nightbird & Co." from 1973 is played in its entirety. Hosted by the late, GREAT Allison Steele, she plays Slade's early hits and talks to NODDY HOLDER & DAVE HILL!!

A must for the ears, dear listener...

PLUS, the latest 7" single from the Stones Exile remaster called "Plundered My Soul" and Harry Harrison hosts THE IN-SOUND and talks to special guests THE SEEKERS...
plus MORE great music from my record collection...See you each Friday with a new episode of...


Sunday, October 9, 2011



A VINYL SHELF Special Presentation--
Hosted by THE PIPE



UPDATE: Due to a bad link, this episode of THE VINYL SHELF has been re-upped and posted on October 24, 2011. THANKS!

Friday, October 7, 2011

CHRISTOPHER MILK Some People Will Download Anything

God help us all. John Mendelsohn (sometimes with 2 S's in his last name) is a great rock critic/writer who also compiled "The Kink Kronikles" double LP that is as flawless as it is essential. Not to mention, he is to thank (or blame, depending whose side you're on) for the release of "The Great Lost Kinks Album" for Reprise.

His early 70's band was called CHRISTOPHER MILK (above photo L to R: The Kiddo, Ralph Oswald, Mendelsohn and G. Whiz) and they are an obscure Los Angeles glam rock afterthought. Along with guitarist 'Surly' Ralph Oswald, Mendelsohn had briefly been a member in an early, unrecorded version of Halfnelson with Ron and Russell Mael (later Sparks). Russell told me that although Mendelsohn was also an anglophile (into British style and bands like The Kinks, The Move, Small Faces and The Who), he was also critical of the Mael's songwriting and even wanted the band to do a straight cover of "A Quick One."

The MILK poured ahead and by 1971, a self-titled long-playing 7" EP on the United Artists label was available via mail order for just $1 from Phonograph & Record magazine and it is weird and wonderful. This 15 plus minute debut release had an extended version of the lineup with The Kiddo and Mr. Twister. Even David Bowie namechecked them in the British press.!Their only LP was titled "Some People Will Drink Anything" on Reprise in 1972. It featured a now streamlined 'quartet' version of the band. The songs are more lyrical than hook-y (like early Split Enz), and sometimes hard to remember after you heard them numerous times. The band's audience was also streamlined and very often outsmarted. Great guitar work though and quirky humorous songs (a pre-Grand Funk "Locomotion" cover in a Bonzo vein) with lyrics worthy enough to make sure you seek out the original lyric sheet. Crisp production by Beatles engineer Chris Thomas ultimately could not help them find their audience.

A final Reprise single in 1973, despite its two-fisted, double-sided strength (and again, humor), flopped. I love their take on "I Want To Hold Your Hand" and always wonder if Cheap Trick heard this version of Terry Reid's "Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace" before they cut their own for their 1977 debut. No other recordings were to follow although they did get back together at the Starwood in 1976 because Rodney wanted them to.

Anyway, no use crying over the musical spillage left behind by Christopher Milk. ENJOY!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


On Saturday afternoons when I was a kid, a local Philadelphia TV station showed repeat episodes of a syndicated UK pop music show from a few years prior called "Supersonic" which introduced me to Showaddywaddy and The Glitter Band while I could also see well known favorites like Sweet and the Rollers.

When I started seeing this album show up as a cutout in my teenage years, I recognized some of these groups from that earlier British scene. It was also where I learned that Hello had the original version of Ace Frehley's hit "New York Groove" with the arrangement copied almost exactly. Awesome cover photo of the BCR, a "Wouldn't You Like It" outtake.

Slik is here featuring a young MIDGE URE and a big Roller-esque chorus (written by "Saturday Night" writers Bill Martin & Phil Coulter) on "Forever And Ever." And the BCR themselves have two selections including the ORIGINAL 1971 version of "Keep On Dancing" with original vocalist Nobby Clark (interesting to note, thanks to this album, this early version was actually, officially released on an Arista LP in the United States). The Drifters were also staples on the "Supersonic" series and Gary Glitter's appearance here make this album a GLAM MONSTER.
Hello: New York Groove
The Glitter Band: People Like You And People Like Me
Gary Glitter: Doing Alright With The Boys
Showaddywaddy: Hey Rock ‘N’ Roll
Showaddywaddy: Three Steps To Heaven
Slik: Forever And Ever
Bay City Rollers: Keep On Dancing
Bay City Rollers: Bye Bye Baby
Linda Lewis: It’s In His Kiss
The Pearls: Guilty
The Drifters: Kissin’ Iin The Back Row Of The Movies
Barry Blue: Hot Shot

Monday, October 3, 2011

ROCK OVER LONDON Radio LP for June 21, 1987

This 1987 episode of ROCK OVER LONDON starts with a double helping of LIVE cuts from GENESIS (an exclusive version of "Invisible Touch" from Los Angeles) and THE FIXX ("One Thing Leads To Another") with quotes from members of both bands.Also, hear an interview with Irish singer/songwriter Paul Brady, who wrote songs for Tina Turner and has been namechecked in the past by Bob Dylan.Also, a 1987 update on HUMBLE PIE and a spin of their 45 debut, "Natural Born Bugie," with good news for Frampton, who's on tour at the time with David Bowie. But the update catches Steve Marriott in a slow period.
Great classic commercials too plus more music from The Outfield, Roger Daltrey and the UK top 5 of the week!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

ROCK OVER LONDON Radio LP for June 7, 1987

On this summer of '87 broadcast, Simple Minds perform live (I was never a huge fan but SOMEHOW actually saw them TWICE, opening for The Pretenders and with Shriekback too, if anyone remembers them...with Barry from the original the Tower in Philly) and there's a rare U2 b-side called "Spanish Eyes" (not a cover version BUT host Graham Dene does name drop Al Martino) from "The Joshua Tree" plus "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" is tearing up the charts at the time.There's also a treat for fans of The Searchers--an interview with John McNally and Frank Allen, reminiscing about their hit career.