Thursday, October 27, 2011

BOB SEGER Back In '72

I bought this on the road for some DOUGH but I've been lusting a copy of this great lost LP for a long time and wasn't happy with my high class "cleaned up" download from a few years ago. I appreciate people recording their vinyl and trying to de-click etc. but I hate when the result sounds compromised, blurry and phase-y, which is why I try to stick with STRAIGHT transfers. You know The Pipe don't mind a little surface noise.

Seger doesn't want this album on CD. Released on Palladium/Reprise in 1973, it may not be one of Bob's five star best, but just for the fact that this album contains the ORIGINAL versions of both "Rosalie" (as Phil said, "It's a number recorded by Bob Seger...") and "Turn The Page" (think about it-when have you EVER heard the STUDIO version?) is plenty of reason that this should be on the market.The album starts with a strange and re-arranged version of the Allmans' "Midnight Rider" complete with a questionable vocal note at the end covered up by a quick thinking scat. I haven't heard the version on the recent "Early Seger Vol. 1" but I understand it's remixed and fades before the weak spot. "So I Wrote You A Song" reminds me of something from the "Brand New Morning" album. Another cover follows as Seger tackles Free's "The Stealer" and gives it the Detroit treatment. On this one, Bob's voice shines.

Seger's always looking back and funnily enough in early 1973 he was already looking back to the previous year. "Back In '72" is a Stones-ish rocker that should be on the radio, not out of print for no one to hear. "Neon Sky" is based on an electric piano riff and it stands out as a highlight of the album too. "I've Been Working" is a funky Van Morrison cover and "I've Got Time" is a folky ballad with flute.

Produced by Seger and longtime manager Punch, the sessions were done in Michigan, Oklahoma and Muscle Shoals in Alabama. Don't be embarrassed by this album Bob, we love it!

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  1. rosalie & back in 72 both awesome tracks! you know i need a copy. stat. Seger does love to go on about how great he & life used to be..i love him anyway. I ♥ disco and love hearing you talk about it! i was a closet disco fan for years & years (late 70's early 80's)...while a card carrying DREAD member (WRIF detroit radio anti disco deal) and i'm happy to be out of the closet so to speak! rock on...