Wednesday, October 5, 2011


On Saturday afternoons when I was a kid, a local Philadelphia TV station showed repeat episodes of a syndicated UK pop music show from a few years prior called "Supersonic" which introduced me to Showaddywaddy and The Glitter Band while I could also see well known favorites like Sweet and the Rollers.

When I started seeing this album show up as a cutout in my teenage years, I recognized some of these groups from that earlier British scene. It was also where I learned that Hello had the original version of Ace Frehley's hit "New York Groove" with the arrangement copied almost exactly. Awesome cover photo of the BCR, a "Wouldn't You Like It" outtake.

Slik is here featuring a young MIDGE URE and a big Roller-esque chorus (written by "Saturday Night" writers Bill Martin & Phil Coulter) on "Forever And Ever." And the BCR themselves have two selections including the ORIGINAL 1971 version of "Keep On Dancing" with original vocalist Nobby Clark (interesting to note, thanks to this album, this early version was actually, officially released on an Arista LP in the United States). The Drifters were also staples on the "Supersonic" series and Gary Glitter's appearance here make this album a GLAM MONSTER.
Hello: New York Groove
The Glitter Band: People Like You And People Like Me
Gary Glitter: Doing Alright With The Boys
Showaddywaddy: Hey Rock ‘N’ Roll
Showaddywaddy: Three Steps To Heaven
Slik: Forever And Ever
Bay City Rollers: Keep On Dancing
Bay City Rollers: Bye Bye Baby
Linda Lewis: It’s In His Kiss
The Pearls: Guilty
The Drifters: Kissin’ Iin The Back Row Of The Movies
Barry Blue: Hot Shot

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