Monday, October 3, 2011

ROCK OVER LONDON Radio LP for June 21, 1987

This 1987 episode of ROCK OVER LONDON starts with a double helping of LIVE cuts from GENESIS (an exclusive version of "Invisible Touch" from Los Angeles) and THE FIXX ("One Thing Leads To Another") with quotes from members of both bands.Also, hear an interview with Irish singer/songwriter Paul Brady, who wrote songs for Tina Turner and has been namechecked in the past by Bob Dylan.Also, a 1987 update on HUMBLE PIE and a spin of their 45 debut, "Natural Born Bugie," with good news for Frampton, who's on tour at the time with David Bowie. But the update catches Steve Marriott in a slow period.
Great classic commercials too plus more music from The Outfield, Roger Daltrey and the UK top 5 of the week!

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