Tuesday, October 25, 2011

STARDUST 1975 Arista Soundtrack 2LP

This 1975 soundtrack for "STARDUST" is an Arista 2LP collection that could easily be one of the ultimate oldies compilations ever released. UK superstar David Essex starred in this UK film about a fictional singer, Jim Maclaine, and his musical rise and fall.

The soundtrack is made up of 40 songs. There are 3 sides of classic oldies, mostly in their original versions. A big mix of sounds from The Beach Boys, Bobby Darin, The Chiffons, Bee Gees, The Monkees, Aretha Franklin, Righteous Brothers, Carole King, The Box Tops and many more. A GREATEST HITS OF GREATEST HITS!

Arista's publishing bill must've been huge! 40 songs with lots of different label and publishers involved. The front cover is made to resemble Rolling Stone magazine, totally different artwork than the UK soundtrack LP.

Dave Edmunds appears in the movie and was also heavily involved with the soundtrack. He supplies a few near perfect remakes ("Da Doo Ron Ron" with Nick Lowe and Brinsley Schwarz and also a couple Everly Brothers cover versions) and on side 4 Edmunds produces 'oldies sounding' tracks with and without David Essex as THE STRAY CATS (ironically, Dave would produce a different group of Stray Cats, with Brian Setzer, just a few years later).

The movie, starring Essex, Adam Faith, Keith Moon and Larry Hagman, is now available on DVD as an import as a double feature with another Essex film "That'll Be The Day" which also has an interesting 2LP soundtrack that I will post if this one gets a good response.

If only your local oldies radio station played a mix of tunes like this album. An inspiring listening experience of pop music perfection with some exclusive Edmunds rockers.




  1. Hey Jim! Rock and Roll.... Rock On......

  2. Great stuff, thanks for posting. If you could post the That'll Be The Day Soundtrack LP I'd be very grateful.