Sunday, November 27, 2011

A VINYL SHELF Special Presentation--TRIPLE Thanksgiving Weekend Celebration Part 3

Hour 3 of TRIPLE features the Canadian songbird Anne Murray. This photo proves that she can't be that bad!! I was at a cool Hollywood party a few weeks ago and a friend had his iPod on shuffle and Anne Murray came on. Awesome!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

A VINYL SHELF Special Presentation--TRIPLE Thanksgiving Weekend Celebration Part 2

Here's hour 2 of TRIPLE and the featured artist is RONNIE MILSAP. I saw Ronnie in concert when I was a kid with my parents. A GREAT vocalist and true talent with unmatched success in country music.

Friday, November 25, 2011

A VINYL SHELF Special Presentation--TRIPLE Thanksgiving Weekend Celebration

Here is a RARE Radio Transcription Disc special for your Thanksgiving weekend listening enjoyment! This is a 3 Hour Radio Show called TRIPLE and Hour 1 is today (Crystal Gayle), Hour 2 on Saturday (Ronnie Milsap) and Hour 3 on Sunday (Anne Murray).Today's segment features classic CRYSTAL GAYLE music and conversation. Loretta Lynn's little sister tells why she changed her name and how she finds her hit songs. With original commercials too including JC Penney who sponsored this radio program.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Good VINYL Stock On The SHELF! All-New Episode with THE PIPE

This week, it's an ALL-NEW episode of THE VINYL SHELF!!
Now, even though they were never in the same place at the same time, we prove that there is absolutely NO RELATION between WARREN ZEVON and STAN FREBERG (other than a great sense of humor, wild hair and cool eyewear).PLUS, HUMBLE PIE rave about "Good Booze And Bad Women" and VAN HALEN want to talk about love on a hot summer night.

The great XTC prove that love is difficult.
PLUS, Young Rascals, James Brown, The Beatles sing of hope, sorrow and tears and YES talk about sending love.

Plus, an ULTRA RARE interview with GARY BROOKER from PROCOL HARUM and solo music from the great ARTHUR LEE...
THE VINYL SHELF WILL RETURN IN 2 WEEKS...stay tuned next Thursday/Friday/Saturday for a special 3-Part THANKSGIVING Weekend celebration!

Monday, November 14, 2011

FRIENDS A&M Promo Sampler 1970

Awesome sampler LP from A&M Records released in 1970 and was aimed at rock radio stations with HUMBLE PIE, FREE, SPOOKY TOOTH (covering ELTON), LEE MICHAELS, FAIRPORT CONVENTION, FOTHERINGAY and even THE MOVE (here with a rare 'abridged' version of "Hello Susie"...check out the end fade!).

The album was 'programmed' by JOHN MENDELSOHN who also plays 'the chicken' on the front cover!! YES, the same John Mendelsohn we were just talking about from CHRISTOPHER MILK.

Also cool here is the ORIGINAL "It Ain't Easy" by singer/songwriter RON DAVIES which was later covered by both BOWIE and THREE DOG NIGHT.

CAT STEVENS sings "Trouble," BLODWYN PIG plods along and even odd man out QUINCY JONES shows up with a suped-up instrumental version of "Bridge Over Troubled Water." There's also a version of "Mr. Bojangles" by LAMBERT & NUTTYCOMBE.

SP 8021 - Friends - Various Artists [1970] Walk Awhile - Fairport Convention/Trouble - Cat Stevens/It Ain't Easy - Ron Davies/Mr. Bojangles - Lambert & Nuttycombe/Bridge Over Troubled Water - Quincy Jones/Peace in the End - Fotheringay//I'll Be Creeping - Free/Son of Your Father - Spooky Tooth/Games - Lee Michaels/Trouser Snake Rumba - Humble Pie/Drive Me - Blodwyn Pig/Hello Susie (abridged) - Move

Friday, November 11, 2011

The VINYL SHELF Presents...The Best Episode EVER! of 'em anyway! But when you kick off the show with the colossal sound of ROY WOOD and mix it with victorious anthems (old & NEW) by DEF LEPPARD plus ADAM & THE ANTS and BOTH SIDES of DIVINE, baby, what do you expect?
Over an hour of VINYL sounds spun by your host, THE PIPE. Tune in for fun and great tunes by GRASS ROOTS, EMMYLOU HARRIS and I even share some super rare Radio Transcription Discs from the 70's! Lots of variety...ANYTHING long as it's on VINYL!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


This is Steve Marriott's first appearance on vinyl. On a recent episode of The Vinyl Shelf, I spun a rare pre-Small Face Marriott with his band The Moments and their version of "You Really Got Me" with Steve's lead vocal. This LP pre-dates that single by a few years and features young "Stephen Marriott" as The Artful Dodger in the original cast of Lionel Bart's "Oliver" released in the UK on the World Record Club label in the early 1960's.

On his vinyl debut, little Stephen's voice already has star quality and he even has a few lead vocals on songs throughout the album. His voice is also easily picked out in the group choruses. Steve is featured on "Consider Yourself," "Be Back Soon" and "I'd Do Anything" in glorious British mono.

By 1963 he was cast in the Peter Sellers film "Heavens Above!" and followed that with a few more youthful rock & roll movies until he met Ronnie Lane and became a full-time musician.

Monday, November 7, 2011


I guess by now you're probably not surprised to find out that I own these LPs but hey, of course I'm a Sid & Marty Krofft-head and I totally remember Kaptain Kool and his band of Kongs being EVERYWHERE on TV when I was a kid. Did you know that on the first season of the Krofft Supershow (which The Kongs hosted before the Bay City Rollers took over in 1978) the band had a heavier 'glam' sound and also an extra member, Bert Sommer (aka Flatbush), who was already an established hitmaker having been a member of the Left Banke, appeared at Woodstock and in the original Broadway version of "Hair." He even had a few solo albums with some chart success. But for the second season, the network toned the band's image down, Sommer was gone and the band's Epic album was released and full of pop disco. They remained a four piece but before long Kaptain Kool was unanimously voted "not Kool" and they were taken off the TV show.

Kaptain Kool (Michael Lembeck) soon had a beard and guest starred on "One Day At A Time" as Mackenzie's husband. Turkey (Mickey McMeel) was actually in Three Dog Night for a spell as their drummer. Superchick disappeared altogether but Nashville (Louise DuArt) was re-hired by the Kroffts, playing many characters on the Bay City Rollers show.So, Kaptain Kool & The Kongs mean a bit more to me than just being handsomely filed in my LP collection between Judas Priest and Katrina & The Waves. Thanks to thrift stores and record shop bargain bins I own the Kongs two LP discography.

The Epic Records album is SONGS and not as bad as you think. Some are more disco'd out than others but there are a few ballads and Spector/girl group songs (never of that quality though). Bert Sommer co-wrote one song.

The Peter Pan album is STORIES featuring clips from the Krofft Supershow live action shows "Magic Mongo," "Bigfoot And Wildboy" and "Wonderbug" with SHORT comedy skit intros featuring the Kongs themselves.Unfortunately, their were NO record releases of the band's earlier material and Bert Sommer died in 1990.

Friday, November 4, 2011


YOU MUST TUNE IN TO THE VINYL SHELF THIS WEEK TO EXPERIENCE BLACK DYKE AS YOU'VE NEVER EXPERIENCED BLACK DYKE BEFORE--with a ripping rendition of "Big Barn Bed" featuring some of the best euphonium your ears are thirsting to hear.
Listen for GEORGE HARRISON movie music and you'll never guess who covers THE KNACK!! Plus, BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS, PETER TOSH, PRINCE & STEVIE in MONO, a BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN Remix classic and much more...including DISCO Arthur Fiedler!
SERIOUSLY, it's one of the best episodes, ever...THERE'S ONLY ONE WAY TO FIND OUT: (Do it...get the gun...shoot shoot)

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Due to the heavy action and response on my past DISCO posts, here are two weird and random DISCO sampler LPs that were both issued by RCA in 1979.

"DISCO DAZZLE" is a STRI-DEX ("Come Over To My PAD for Disco Dazzle" is the tagline on the back cover) promotional album put out by RCA Special Products. It features seven long NON-STOP disco classics by big dancefloor names and RCA artists like the late VICKI SUE ROBINSON ("Turn The Beat Around"), the inventive sound of DR. BUZZARD'S ORIGINAL SAVANNAH BAND and that tight Philly instrumental sound by SALSOUL ORCHESTRA.

ODYSSEY is here with their classic "Native New Yorker" and EVELYN "CHAMPAGNE" KING ("Smooth Talk") shows off her great vocal power. Early SHALAMAR delivers an exciting "Take That To The Bank" and an upbeat soulful MAJOR HARRIS track, "I Wanna Dance With You" rounds out this DAZZLING platter.
"DISCO AROUND THE GLOBE" is released by RCA Global Communications and features one side of U.S. disco hitmakers and the B-side travels the world to find the best international sounds. This LP is NOT mixed non-stop so I put track numbers on the individual songs.

For the American side, a reappearing EVELYN "CHAMPAGNE" KING is represented by her megahit "Shame" and Motown legend EDWIN STARR has an updated sound with "Contact." Successful songwriting duo GREY & HANKS had a giant groove with "Dancin'" and east coast band INSTANT FUNK couldn't have had a bigger classic than their #1 smash "I Got My Mind Made Up (Say Whaat)." Soooo funky. If you want my money, you gotta make it good as honey.

On the International side, the famous Brazilian dance combo BANDA BLACK RIO kicks up "Dance Do Dia" with great synths and clavinet while HIDEKI from Japan unleashes the "Hideki Disco Special" even though they spell his name wrong on the cover. Hideki is possibly the LP's highlight! He incorporates snippets of other disco hits in his tune to bring the vibe way up. RITA & L'ANONIMA RAGAZZI represent Italy with "Presto" and a disco cover of Serge Gainsbourg's "Que Est In Que Est Out" is by France's LAURENT VOULZY.

Turn it up, switch on the mirror ball and dance all night.