Monday, November 14, 2011

FRIENDS A&M Promo Sampler 1970

Awesome sampler LP from A&M Records released in 1970 and was aimed at rock radio stations with HUMBLE PIE, FREE, SPOOKY TOOTH (covering ELTON), LEE MICHAELS, FAIRPORT CONVENTION, FOTHERINGAY and even THE MOVE (here with a rare 'abridged' version of "Hello Susie"...check out the end fade!).

The album was 'programmed' by JOHN MENDELSOHN who also plays 'the chicken' on the front cover!! YES, the same John Mendelsohn we were just talking about from CHRISTOPHER MILK.

Also cool here is the ORIGINAL "It Ain't Easy" by singer/songwriter RON DAVIES which was later covered by both BOWIE and THREE DOG NIGHT.

CAT STEVENS sings "Trouble," BLODWYN PIG plods along and even odd man out QUINCY JONES shows up with a suped-up instrumental version of "Bridge Over Troubled Water." There's also a version of "Mr. Bojangles" by LAMBERT & NUTTYCOMBE.

SP 8021 - Friends - Various Artists [1970] Walk Awhile - Fairport Convention/Trouble - Cat Stevens/It Ain't Easy - Ron Davies/Mr. Bojangles - Lambert & Nuttycombe/Bridge Over Troubled Water - Quincy Jones/Peace in the End - Fotheringay//I'll Be Creeping - Free/Son of Your Father - Spooky Tooth/Games - Lee Michaels/Trouser Snake Rumba - Humble Pie/Drive Me - Blodwyn Pig/Hello Susie (abridged) - Move

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  1. thanks for saving this from oblivian. you can be sure none of these samplers will ever show up on cd.