Friday, November 18, 2011

Good VINYL Stock On The SHELF! All-New Episode with THE PIPE

This week, it's an ALL-NEW episode of THE VINYL SHELF!!
Now, even though they were never in the same place at the same time, we prove that there is absolutely NO RELATION between WARREN ZEVON and STAN FREBERG (other than a great sense of humor, wild hair and cool eyewear).PLUS, HUMBLE PIE rave about "Good Booze And Bad Women" and VAN HALEN want to talk about love on a hot summer night.

The great XTC prove that love is difficult.
PLUS, Young Rascals, James Brown, The Beatles sing of hope, sorrow and tears and YES talk about sending love.

Plus, an ULTRA RARE interview with GARY BROOKER from PROCOL HARUM and solo music from the great ARTHUR LEE...
THE VINYL SHELF WILL RETURN IN 2 WEEKS...stay tuned next Thursday/Friday/Saturday for a special 3-Part THANKSGIVING Weekend celebration!

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