Wednesday, November 9, 2011


This is Steve Marriott's first appearance on vinyl. On a recent episode of The Vinyl Shelf, I spun a rare pre-Small Face Marriott with his band The Moments and their version of "You Really Got Me" with Steve's lead vocal. This LP pre-dates that single by a few years and features young "Stephen Marriott" as The Artful Dodger in the original cast of Lionel Bart's "Oliver" released in the UK on the World Record Club label in the early 1960's.

On his vinyl debut, little Stephen's voice already has star quality and he even has a few lead vocals on songs throughout the album. His voice is also easily picked out in the group choruses. Steve is featured on "Consider Yourself," "Be Back Soon" and "I'd Do Anything" in glorious British mono.

By 1963 he was cast in the Peter Sellers film "Heavens Above!" and followed that with a few more youthful rock & roll movies until he met Ronnie Lane and became a full-time musician.

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