Friday, November 11, 2011

The VINYL SHELF Presents...The Best Episode EVER! of 'em anyway! But when you kick off the show with the colossal sound of ROY WOOD and mix it with victorious anthems (old & NEW) by DEF LEPPARD plus ADAM & THE ANTS and BOTH SIDES of DIVINE, baby, what do you expect?
Over an hour of VINYL sounds spun by your host, THE PIPE. Tune in for fun and great tunes by GRASS ROOTS, EMMYLOU HARRIS and I even share some super rare Radio Transcription Discs from the 70's! Lots of variety...ANYTHING long as it's on VINYL!

1 comment:

  1. Roy Wood,Woow!!One of my favourite artist of all the time!!Seems like he doesn't existed anymore...but he's still kicking asses in England!Boulders,Mustard,Wizzard's Brew,Eddie and The Falcons,all The Move's albums...a piece of history too unknown...