Friday, February 10, 2012

All-New VINYL SHELF Episode!

The circulation in the broadcast studio was CIRCULAR. The records were circular. The turntable platter was circular. Today on the VINYL SHELF we are worshipping 45s, LPs and other round things in general...

Lots of young girls have come FROM the Canyon, which isn't round but the hills can be twisty. The GTOs, who were girls together outrageously, were probably at Frank's house...The BYRDS weren't girls but had lots of young girls GOING to the Canyon to search for them because those guys always knew 'what's happening'...David Crosby and his cape ruled the world!!
John Mayall went to the Canyon (pictured above) all the way from the UK and all he got was a ticket for attempted arson. Not really, but he later went Walking On Sunset after having the Blues from Laurel Canyon (also at Frank's house) and was arrested for wearing only a vest and no trousers (pictured above). That's not true either but he did once live in a tree! This week you'll hear John and his Bluesbreakers featuring a young Mick Taylor...

And to get away from the L.A. madness, STARZ sings about Detroit Girls, The BEATLES (from Liverpool) sing a Memphis song, RUSH represents Canada and U2 are from Ireland and are, to be honest, not so round. In fact, their guitarist is called The Edge.

From the UK we hear CITY BOY & LONG JOHN BALDRY, who's not so much ROUND as he is LONG. And PHILIPPE WYNNE was in THE SPINNERS and I would assume in order to spin, one would have to be ROUND, or at least oval.
...the musical journey will surprise you with little gems and then make a full circle (which is ROUND) back to Los Angeles by opening THE DOORS for a song about the Earth (you guessed it, ROUND).

LISTEN NOW as THE PIPE takes a stack of vinyl and spins it ROUND &'s an ALL-NEW episode of THE VINYL SHELF! Oh, and by the way, I do appreciate you being 'round.

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