Wednesday, July 30, 2014


I found this awesome 1974 American Top 40 3LP box set at the local thrift store a while back. Every song on the countdown is great and it shows how music was melodic, diverse, soulful and so much better back then. I decided to post it on my blog to prove that theory true and also to pay a tribute to the great Casey Kasem. I always tuned into American Top 40 on my radio and his TV show, America’s Top 10 was a highly anticipated weekly view on Saturday afternoons while growing up. Rock on Casey!

Oh yeah, on a technical note, the vinyl isn’t perfect and I think in the 2 hour plus countdown, there are 2 skips. Also, shortly after the first minute, there’s a sudden drop in the volume during the Three Degrees “When Will I See You Again” (which is #40 that week). This is how it is on the actual vinyl (these shows were quickly prepared and pressed each week). But fear not, either turn it up or wait for it to come back up naturally, which it does.

It fits nicely on 2 CDs so you can download and burn if you want. Enjoy the top 40 songs of October 19, 1974!!

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