Saturday, March 28, 2015

RADIO REWIND--Rare 'American Forces Radio' Broadcast LP's

I’ve been too busy to DJ my own radio show these days…but I feel fortunate to play music for a living so that’s the most important thing for me. But I enjoy the blog and sharing vinyl rarities so I’ve decided to spotlight some of my favorite pieces from my collection. These are RADIO SHOW LP’s…very limited and hard to come by. Each month or so I’ll add new titles and please note, if you want to download and save any of these, DO IT QUICK, because the links will only last a month or so…

Now, If you choose to follow this blog you can grab some classic moments in American radio history.

First up is a series of AMERICAN FORCES RADIO LP’s that were issued and broadcast to our troops stationed throughout the world. Most of these are from 1980. Along with AOR treasures from MARY TURNER, featured is a few hours of country classics with host HARRY NEWMAN and also one-off broadcast LP’s featuring well-known jocks from the golden era like CHARLIE TUNA, ROBERT W. MORGAN, HUMBLE HARVE and the legendary WOLFMAN JACK.

I’ll start with a tribute to the queen of the FM airwaves, MARY TURNER. Host of the extremely popular syndicated FM radio interview staple, “Off The Record,” Mary also was on the KMET airwaves in Los Angeles and as featured here, an Armed Forces radio favorite. She plays mostly what would become known as “classic rock” but there are some deep cuts and southern rock surprises. Mary is still on the radio! She hosts a current show on 100.3 The Sound.

Each of these links have 3 half hour programs on them for a total of 3 hours with Mary Turner. I won’t spoil the fun by printing the track listings yet, I’d rather you listen just like the old days and take the music as it comes. It’s like tuning into a good FM station in 1980. Turn it up!