Friday, May 29, 2015

RADIO REWIND Part 2 Rare 1980 C&W Broadcasts

HARRY NEWMAN American Forces Radio LP’s

The year is 1980 and country music fans in our military bases worldwide tuned into the “American Forces Radio” network nightly to hear Harry Newman play the latest hits in the C&W world. A world that was quickly changing thanks to “Urban Cowboy” and the contemporizing of the great American sound by adding slicker production and replacing anything remotely ‘hillbilly’ with disco bass drum and guitars with chorus effects. Even Conway got a perm.

Harry Newman’s daily broadcasts were conveniently pressed on the back side of the Mary Turner LP’s that I posted recently. His show is quite an interesting listen even if you’re not the biggest country music fan. One highlight is a full episode with Glen Campbell interviewed in the studio with Harry. Anyway, take the good with the bad and kick back with a can of beer or two and enjoy what was on the country music charts back in 1980.
Part 1 (90 minutes)

Part 2 (90 minutes)

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